3 thoughts on “Jon McCarty opens new law office in Covington, IN”

  1. can i leave the state of indiana to visit family with my child if her father says no? we were not married when she was born there was no paternity test done buy we are married now but living seperatly i have physical custody of her. i only plan to leave for about a week and then return to indiana were we live.

  2. Hello Jon,
    I was wondering if we would have a cause to challenge Covington High School on a few issues regarding Elizabeth swimming. My facebook page listed above has the situation somewhat listed. I have a tentative agreement with the school I can fax to you that we disagree one major item on the list and the reason it was written in the list was because I used social media to get the public to rally to the school to let her swim. I plan on going to a school board meeting first to hopefully clear the air, but if not, is there something legally we can do? If so, we would like to talk with you in more detail.

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